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Who Am I?

I am a pukah pure and simple.  Before you ask, I'll go ahead and tell - the short definition of a pukah is:  A faerie cross-breed that loves to help, bring joy and laughter, into lives while providing inspiration to others.  While I give most of my time to the pukah who inhabit my life in one form or another, I also make sure to save time form my two cats who own me, my career, and my family.  To do this, I have almost figured out how to clone myself so I can keep all the pieces in the air.  (Occasionally things come tumbling down, and I have to return to Earth in order to find everything to start it all over again.)

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A bit about what makes Pukah Works special:

Within the world of Alterraden, you will find the workings that make up Pukah Works.  These efforts stem from the founding concept of all the books K. Caffee writes.

There are many dedicated spaces to explore.  Among these is the space dedicated to The Home Office, where you will find the pukah hard at work helping K. Caffee's fellow indie authors grow their fan base.  They do this through author and character interviews, guest posts, and notices of upcoming special events along with several other projects.  In the Followers of Torments section, you will find information about K. Caffee's debut series.  There is more than just the expected "find my book here" information - Ms. Caffee wants you to enjoy the stay, after all.  She takes you on a chapter-by-chapter behind the scene tour of each book, discusses the reality behind the fiction, and shares interviews her characters have given.  

As you can see, there is quite a bit going on, here at Pukah Works, which we encourage you to explore and enjoy.  Feel free to ask questions, or leave a comment if something strikes your fancy - Ms. Caffee will do her best to answer in a timely fashion.   The pukah will even help get you started with the first question:  Exactly what is a pukah?


The short answer is that a pukah is a faerie cross that loves to bring joy, laughter, and inspiration into the lives of others.

The long version (much too long to post here) can be found here:  What are Pukah?

Now onto the fun stuff for me:  The World of Alterraden

Welcome.  Before we get too far, please pull up a seat and settle in.  I'd like to explain a little about the world you have entered.

Alterraden evolved from the Followers of Torments saga written by K. Caffee.  Though her debut series was intended to be the only thing published, the story refused to behave and kept expanding.  As with most prolific authors, K. Caffee knew she needed someplace for her future tales to play out, and her Followers of Torments did not take up the entire world stage.  As such, the idea for Alterraden was born.

Rough timeline of the book series that have presented themselves to be recorded so far. As you can see - Ms. Caffee has quite a few words to get written down before she's caught up.

It is an Earth-like world, though in an alternate universe.  Here humans do not exist, and magical creatures have free reign to exist as they please.  There are two distinct layers to the world, and additional Realms that can be accessed through magical means.  The inhabitants that live within the evolving world's influence range from the wereclans to the Melkreschen; from the Guardians to the lower denizens; and across the spectrum of familiar to unknown.

General map of the area explored so far. The marked locations are from the Followers of Torments saga.

Within the confines of this site's pages you will find information and lore on the races, cultures, languages, places, and religions that make up the mystical world the pukah call home.  There is also a page dedicated to the reality that forms the foundation under the sagas and characters Ms. Caffee introduces you to in her writing.

With that, I invite you to explore to your heart's content.

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