07/12 Site Update

07/12 Site Update

NOW I know all the bones are in place for the site.  There may still be a few tweaks coming in the next few weeks – I’m still refining how I categorize and tag my posts so they show up on the appropriate page.

I’m also working on finding a reliable way of pulling the Office posts over so I can get them fed into my twitter queue.  Right now those posts go out once, and then vanish.  Since most of them are to help others, they need to go out more than that.  From the looks of it, I’m going to have to manually set them up with links back to the original article.  Not the best solution, since every click dramatically reduces the number of people willing to follow the trail.  And, of course all of my social media plugins that help with this cannot be installed in the Office.  Go figure.

Beyond that, it looks like I’ll finally be able to start settling down into writing new content again – there’s a lot of content that can be written!

The other update that’s in the works is with the graphics.  Not only have I added quite a bit to the visible pages, I’m working on adding some to the posts – that means I’m doing a ton of behind the scenes graphic design.  However, that isn’t all just for the site.  Some of it is going to be added to the swag plans once I can get far enough ahead of the development that using swag isn’t a pipe dream.  I’ll let you guess which graphics are swag bound, and which ones are just pretty page decorations.

First five to guess right in the comments will get a copy of Out of the Darkness e-book – how’s that sound for incentive?

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