The Intuii

  The Intuii have existed since Intui’s Wars, and are the oldest actual vampire House.  Due to who their original progenitor was, these vampires are often considered insane (with reason – they are not mentally stable to begin with.) The Intuii are also the most internally complicated Houses – they have three lines of authority … Read moreThe Intuii

Alterraden Vampires

Vampires on Alterraden are as unusual as they are in most other urban and dark fantasy.  However, Alterraden vampires do not exist as bloodsuckers (in fact, being referred to in any semblance of a blood sucker is a major insult for them.)  They live by siphoning off emotional energy with a small modicum of quick-to-digest … Read moreAlterraden Vampires

July 15 Newsletter

Welcome to the first-ever Pukah Works Newsletter.  Since I have enough stuff coming into my email inbox, I’m guessing you do too.  As such, if you’ve subscribed to the blog, you’ll get notices when I post anything – including this wonderful weekly summary. The intent is not to repeat everything you’ve seen throughout the week, … Read moreJuly 15 Newsletter

#YourNextFavoriteAuthor interview with Eric Martell April 19, 2017 From July 16, 2016 Name: Eric Martell usually writing as E. S. Martell   Age: Old enough to know better – do I really have to answer this?   Where are you from: Windermere, Florida   A little about your self i.e. your education Family life etc.: Ph.D. … Read more

#YourNextFavoriteAuthor 2016 spotlights for June April 20, 2017   06/02  Seven Steps I write action packed, thrilling novels that the whole family can enjoy. 06/07  Assaph Mehr Favorably compared to Butcher, Gabaldon, and Abercombie – a rich and detailed Historical Fantasy! 06/09  David Finn My whole goal as a writer is to tell an action packed … Read more

#YourNextFavoriteAuthor 2016 Spotlights for July April 22, 2017    07/02 Sample Chapter for Rosalie Redd’s Unforgettable Lover 07/05 Bob Glynn To tell an epic story for all in simple and basic fashion that will never be forgotten—the story of mankind. 07/07 Dianne Gardner Fantasy, adventure, comedy. Wholesome stories for the whole family. 07/09 S.A. Hoag  There’s never enough sci-fi, and that’s … Read more

Promotion Opportunity July 4, 2017 Now that things have started streamlining a bit, and I’m finally able to think about when posts are going out, I’d like to offer everyone an opportunity to get a little extra exposure.  This goes for bloggers and authors alike. What I am offering is to host a guest post for … Read more

Platform Building Tool One July 4, 2017   Just about anyone who puts a product up for sale now days needs to have a social media presence, or “Platform”, if they expect to make any sales.  Almost all the literature agrees that while you can succeed with the shotgun approach, scattering your marketing efforts across all … Read more

Connecting – How to make it meaningful July 13, 2017 When you’ve finally got something to say, be it via a blog, a book, a tweet, or a Facebook post, how do you make a meaningful connection?  There are so many instances I see of someone throwing words out into cyberspace, and then letting them fade … Read more

Yvette M Calleiro’s Visit with the Pukah July 7, 2017 A new author is emerging with a sense of whit and charm to entrance us all.  I met her on Facebook, and am hoping to get to know her better as time goes on.  I am pleased to introduce her, and delighted that she has agreed … Read more

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