Virtual Fantasy Con 2017

Virtual Fantasy Con is coming back this October.  Keep up to date on news and happening at #VFC2017

Brief update and small apology

This is for my email subscribers. I’ve been arguing with my presence on Twitter every since Hootsuite changed their rules on me.  I’ve looked through a bucket and a half of third party apps, and WordPress addon plugins to find something that will work.  I think  I’ve found something, and am in testing phase for it … Read moreBrief update and small apology

Nahixah: Guardian of Light

From the beginning of time, the Guardians have existed.  These beings, which inhabit the realm, fall on the extreme “good” end of the spectrum, though that does not always mean they do not use distasteful means to guide, shape, and aid the lower Realms. The Guardians train extensively for their assigned rolls, and when they … Read moreNahixah: Guardian of Light

Nazani: The Realm of Light

If the moral scale between “good” and “evil” were to be visualized as a vertical ladder, Nazani would be at the very top.   Not much is known about this secretive realm, except from time to time a Nahixah makes an appearance in one of the lower realms and that these beings are almost always … Read moreNazani: The Realm of Light

06/7/17 Site Update

It appears the bare bones are in place, though I’m still debating about the overall look. However, if the current effort works, even that debate will be finished. All that will be left is to get the content rewritten/rebuilt, and up for everyone’s enjoyment once more. Hopefully, that will not take too long! K.Caffee

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