July 15 Newsletter

Welcome to the first-ever Pukah Works Newsletter.  Since I have enough stuff coming into my email inbox, I'm guessing you do too.  As such, if you've subscribed to the blog, you'll get notices when I post anything - including this wonderful weekly summary.

The intent is not to repeat everything you've seen throughout the week, rather it is to collect the posts from all the segments that make up Pukah Works into a one-stop visit, rather than encourage everyone to follow me everywhere.  I also wanted to let you stay up-to-date with what I'm up to.  So, how 'bout we hop to it?

Writing Projects

  • Starting to hammer out a schedule I can live with that lets me string words together in a coherent style to make a new book, and I've got stories arguing over who's going to be heard NOW, let me tell you.  I've been teasing my current novella out of the noise - not always the easiest thing to do.  However, I'm up to chapter 17 out of a planned 20, so things are going well there.  Had to take a bit of a break while I scrambled to replace the site after the melt down.

  • Coming up, I've got the last Followers of Torments novella to finish writing.  I'm hoping it goes much smoother than the one I'm working on now.  I'll also be working on the next main series novel, but am not expecting that to release until the end of the year.  There's too much that still needs to be written.


  • I'm also entering the final editing stages for a little surprise that I've been promising for much too long.  This is a thank you for following me here at Pukah Works.  I've mentioned it over in The Home Office, but in order to receive the gift, you will have to subscribe and/or follow me here.  

Upcoming Blogging Projects

  • As if I'm not busy enough writing, I'm not off the hook blogging either.  I'll be wrapping up the "Behind the Scenes" series for Out of the Darkness over on the Followers of Torments segment of the site.  There's another seven, or so, chapters to wrap up for that.  Then, I'll need to get the other main series books' "Behind the Scenes" posts written - something like 40 chapters.  (Going to have to double up to get those posted in a reasonable amount of time.)


  • For The Home Office, I've got a list a mile long of author and character interviews I've promised to host - so I'll be working on catching up with those authors so I can share some wonderful people with you.  I also have a couple of interviews others are hosting for me that I'll be turning in, so you'll get a chance to get to know me a bit better as well.  
  • I've also got a list a mile long for books I need (and want) to read for review.  If all goes well, I'm hoping to be back on a book-a-week review schedule.  For now, I'm not listing which ones I'm going to be reading next, because I have so many to pick from.

Upcoming Events

  • This one is a bit in the future, but I want to bring it up now, anyway.  I will be participating in the 3rd annual Virtual Fantasy Con.  Right now, you can join some of the pre-event fun on Facebook, in the Reader's Corner.


The last piece of news is something I had to think long and hard about.  Due to how Pukah Works is now laid out, if you follow me on Facebook, or Tumblr you will no longer be receiving regular updates from any of the site's segments.  I'm choosing to do this because the inbound feeds have become echo chambers for the outbound posts.  With this change, the unique content from these sites will no longer be swamped by the updates coming out of the site.  This change will take effect July 15th or 16th after this newsletter goes out.  If you are relying on those updates to stay current with what I'm doing, please make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow Pukah Works by email.  (Besides, if you do this, then you'll be one of the first to receive notice when the gift is ready for you to download.)

To close out, I'm going to turn the tables over to you:  For an upcoming project after The Followers of Torments I've got a series titled White Weather Twins.  It's about a set of horse-shift pukah twins.  There's going to be at least 8, possibly 10 books in that series.  I'm going to let you suggest a  title - if I choose it, then you will receive mention in the book - on the acknowledgement page, and possibly as a character somewhere within the tale.  So, what's your suggestion for a title?

RSS Book Reviews

  • Book Review: Arts Reborn (Book 1) Brush With Darkness August 22, 2017
    It started with a simple dream for Simon: join the legions, escape a life of mediocrity, and bring respect to the family name. A border incursion by restive Scentari barbarians looked like that opportunity for an artist turned soldier to transcend his roots, and fight for the glory of the Pazian Republic. Or so it […]
    K. Caffee
  • Book Review: Brane Child August 22, 2017
    The Brane Skip device may provide a way for humanity to overcome the light-speed barrier and finally head for the stars. It seems like magic to Lisa Chang, the young engineer in command the first crewed test flight, and Lisa doesn’t believe in magic. But she does believe in the mission. Humanity must explore space […]
    K. Caffee

RSS Author and Character Interviews

  • —– Roni Askey-Doran’s Emily Zylaz Stops By To Visit With The Pukah August 20, 2017
    Today is Emily Zylaz’s birthday. This is the day that she has chosen to kill herself. After struggling for many years to cope with the roller-coaster of mental illness, a devastating failed marriage, and a soul-destroying career that is going nowhere, she’s giving up. Feeling like the only solution to all of her problems is […]
    K. Caffee
  • Roni Askey-Doran Sops By To Visit With The Pukah August 18, 2017
      Welcome back once again for another fun author interview.  Today, we have Roni Askey-Doran coming in from Ecuador to visit with us.  Roni, why don’t you get us started with a little about yourself, and where you are from? I was born in Tasmania, Australia and currently live in Mompiche, Ecuador I’m an army […]
    K. Caffee

RSS Writing and Platforming

  • Blogs, Author Platforms, Connecting (Pt. 2) August 17, 2017
    Last time, we talked about what to include in your content.  And, while the list seemed fairly long, there are some things that you need to consider when putting your content together.  One of the biggest, especially for an author – what NOT to include in your blog content.  Remember:  What gets posted to the […]
    K. Caffee
  • Blogs, Author Platforms, Connecting (Pt. 1) August 10, 2017
      Yes, I know.  I said I was going to start on the Sunlits “behind” the scene posts this week.  That is still on the table, I promise.  I’ll probably be alternating for a few months between this series, and the Sunlit series because I just can’t figure out when else to slide this one […]
    K. Caffee

RSS Guest Posts

  • Elithius: The Red Captain (Book 1) Special Promotion July 31, 2017
    His parents abandon him when he’s thirteen. He’s left to care for his little brother and sister. Life is tough. Things can’t seem to get any worse. But then Evil Itself breaks down the door. It kidnaps his siblings. And It leaves him bleeding out on the floor of his own home. The Golden Lands, […]
    K. Caffee

RSS Upcoming Special Events

  • Andy Peloquin’s Fantasy Fiends is Celebrating August 13, 2017
      We’ve reached 200 members in Andy Peloquin’s Fantasy Fiends. Join us as we celebrate this milestone with giveaways, prizes, games, competitions, and fun for all! For this special occasion, we’re running a Buy One, Get One offer: buy any one of my books, and get another (of your choice) free! (Email Andy the confirmation […]
    K. Caffee
  • Andy Peloquin has a new book coming out: Thief of the Night Guild July 16, 2017
    To celebrate the release of book 2: Thief of the Night Guild Andy has discounted Book 1: Child of the Night Guild to $.99 (99p for the UK)   Ruthless criminals are made, not born. Queen of Thieves—an insight into the transformation from innocent child to thief and killer willing to do anything to save the ones she loves. […]
    K. Caffee
  • Promotion Opportunity July 4, 2017
    Now that things have started streamlining a bit, and I’m finally able to think about when posts are going out, I’d like to offer everyone an opportunity to get a little extra exposure.  This goes for bloggers and authors alike. What I am offering is to host a guest post for you.  These will be […]
    K. Caffee

RSS #YourNextFavoriteAuthor

  • #YourNextFavoriteAuthor Spotlights: Lucinda Moebius July 14, 2017
      I am currently promoting a new release! My newest book is a non-fiction Self-Help book for authors. I created the book based on lessons I learned about creating an effective book marketing plan. Publish Promote Repeat: Preparing to Launch your Book Workbook Promotion is a process. There is no magic formula for selling books. […]
    K. Caffee
  • #YourNextFavoriteAuthor 2016 Spotlights for July April 22, 2017
     07/02 Sample Chapter for Rosalie Redd’s Unforgettable Lover 07/05 Bob Glynn To tell an epic story for all in simple and basic fashion that will never be forgotten—the story of mankind. 07/07 Dianne Gardner Fantasy, adventure, comedy. Wholesome stories for the whole family. 07/09 S.A. Hoag  There’s never enough sci-fi, and that’s what I do! 07/14 Elizabeth Munro Unique SF/Fantasy. Villains, […]
    K. Caffee
  • #YourNextFavoriteAuthor 2016 spotlights for June April 20, 2017
    06/02  Seven Steps I write action packed, thrilling novels that the whole family can enjoy. 06/07  Assaph Mehr Favorably compared to Butcher, Gabaldon, and Abercombie – a rich and detailed Historical Fantasy! 06/09  David Finn My whole goal as a writer is to tell an action packed adventure story with plenty of great character moments […]
    K. Caffee
  • #YourNextFavoriteAuthor interview with Eric Martell April 19, 2017
    From July 16, 2016 Name: Eric Martell usually writing as E. S. Martell   Age: Old enough to know better – do I really have to answer this?   Where are you from: Windermere, Florida   A little about your self i.e. your education Family life etc.: Ph.D. In Psychology, black belt in Tae Kwon […]
    K. Caffee

RSS The Followers of Torments

  • Out of The Darkness: Chapter 7 Discussion August 16, 2017
    Heading into Chapter seven, things are finally beginning to physically change for our dear nameless protagonist.  He’s reached the age when his fairy blood begins to awaken, and his master will discover just what type of fairy he’s got on his hands.  So far, the brutality, isolation, and cruelty encountered by the slave should be […]
  • Out of the Darkness: Chapter 6 Discussion August 9, 2017
    The child has now learned what it means to be a fighter.  He did not escape his first foray into this without injury, and was taken back to his original cell to be magically healed.  He awakens to find himself being observed and tied down to his manger/bed, but is soon freed after a short […]
  • Jena Baxter’s Tolor interviews Raonal August 6, 2017
      I met Jena through a blog tour T.J.’s Virtual Blog Tours did when she released Veiled Memories.  Since then, she’s been a wonderful mentor, and has helped me learn some about the marketing side of writing.  When she offered to host a series of character interviews, I was delighted.  This is the last from […]
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