Nahixah: Guardian of Light

From the beginning of time, the Guardians have existed.  These beings, which inhabit the realm, fall on the extreme “good” end of the spectrum, though that does not always mean they do not use distasteful means to guide, shape, and aid the lower Realms.

The Guardians train extensively for their assigned rolls, and when they are considered proficient, they are assigned a mission, or task, to accomplish.  Only a small percentage of Guardians are assigned missions away from their home, the rest reside in harmony with their Realm doing mundane tasks.

One of the most notable differences between Guardians and the rest of the Alterraden residents is that due to their origins, they are the longest-lived.  Even the “immortals” of the Mortal Realm are considered mere children to the adolescents of the Nahixah.

In appearance, the Guardians look like Earth’s angels – feathered wings, flowing robes, and peaceful countenance.  Beyond those universal attributes, the individual Guardians have a widely varied look.  Some appear as fair-haired and fair-skinned, others are pitch black throughout their entire appearance.  When a group comes together, there are as many variations in appearance as there are Guardians present.

Their story and the origins of all the other realms is explored in the Followers of Torments companion novella Celecanepo Raghadeyah: A Companion Novella.

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