Nazani:  The Realm of Light

If the moral scale between “good” and “evil” were to be visualized as a vertical ladder, Nazani would be at the very top.


Not much is known about this secretive realm, except from time to time a Nahixah makes an appearance in one of the lower realms and that these beings are almost always soft spoken, long lived, and extremely adept at whatever tasks they take on.


Nazani is the oldest known Realm within the world of Alterraden, coming into being at almost the same instant the world was born.  As such, many of the beliefs and cultures found elsewhere reveal a foundation of Nazani ways.


Through a few of the Nahixa who have taken up permanent residence on one of the lower realms, a general overview of what the realm looks like to the natives may be gleaned.  This is a world of opalescent light and no shadows, a world of perfect temperatures and weather without an unwanted drop of rain or extended drought.  The reported history of this Realm is one of perfect peace, love, and compassion for all other beings.  This does not mean the Nahixah are naive, they have learned how to fight and kill.  It just means they do not do so within their own Realm.


As the scribe for the Pukah, I have met one Nahixah, who assures me there is a darker undercurrent within the Realm most either ignore, or are unable to comprehend.  I intend to speak with her at a later date to discover what she means by this.

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