Sunlits – A Mortal’s Realm

The Sunlits is the Realm that is the closest to our Earth.  Full of flora and fauna, along with a multitude of races, this Realm is where most of the Alterraden beings reside.  Residents of both lower and higher Realms may visit with ease, and often live comfortably for extended periods.

While most other Realms have a few religions, the Sunlits have a multitude, though the dominant religions tend to be The Woodland Path, The Tormentor (in His lighter aspects), and the Creator.

Depending on where you enter the Realm, it may appear to be uninhabited, because the residents are widely scattered living off the land.  There are villages, small towns, castles, even enclaves that denizens call home.  Some are on the wide planes, others are in the mountainous forests, and others yet are hidden along the banks and coasts of the various bodies of water.

The Followers of Torments focuses on a very small area of the world, leaving much still to be explored.  Some of the exploration will occur during the Intu’s War Saga, some will occur during the White Weather Twins series.  The rest?  Whenever the stories decide they want to be told.

The Sunlits is one of the richest Realms, having everything the locals need to be self-sufficient, though they do at times trade with other Realms for specialty items and finery, such as the gossamer weight linen the Nelesie weave, or the blades that never dull made by the Nahixa.

Though the world is sparsely populated, there are a few commonalities among the races and intelligent species living within the Realm.  Every community has at least one (often more) who speaks a common trade tongue that may be understood by others from far away.  Every enclave has at least two individuals they recognize as leaders for their group – the shaman, or healer; the priest(ess) to the locally dominant religion.  If there are additional leaders, they often fall into the categories of well-to-do merchant or charismatic leader who has been ennobled some time in the past.

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