The Fae – Nelesie and Melsei

The Nelesie

These fae can be considered to be the “good” fae, the ones who bring laughter, healing, health, and help to those in need.  When folk lore speaks of them, or tells their tale, it is always with a good light.

When the Nelesie appear, they arrive quietly with little fanfare.  They try to blend in, if they suspect what they are doing will take a while to bring to fruition.  Within the Shaida Realm, the Nelesie may have gossamer wings, flowing hair, and glowing bodies.

As a people, the Nelesie worship the Creator.  They see life as originating from the world’s longing for caretakers to aid in ensuring the life cycle is properly balanced.  As such, each member of the Nelesie Court has taken it upon themselves to care for, work with, or monitor a given area on the Realms below their own.

There are many types of Nelesie – some are known even on Earth, others can only be found in their native Realm(s).  Some of the Nelesie have beget offspring with mortals, and are committed to seeing their progeny’s line continue within the Realms.  Others beget offspring, then leave them to run wild while discovering their lineage – the Pukah fall into the later category – progeny of a Nelesie father and a mortal mother.

More about the origins of the Fae will be revealed in the upcoming Followers of Torments companion novella Celecanepo Rahadeyah: A Companion Novella and novel series, tentatively titled Alterraden: Where it all began as a working title.

The Melsei

If the Nelesie can be considered aligned with “good”, the Melsei are often considered aligned with “evil”.  These are the fae that promote revenge through brining pain, misfortune, and other unpleasant events into the lives of any who are shorter lived than they.  When folk lore speak of the Melsei, they always speak of them in whispered words, and as something to be frightened of.

If a Melsei appears to a mortal, they do so only as a measure of last resort after having used everything else in their arsenal to cause their target to encounter a personal downfall.  Unlike the Nelesie, who use their gifts for the betterment of an individual, the Melsei use their gifts to insidiously lead an individual into debauchery.

As a people, the Melsei worship the Tormentor, specifically His darker face.  They resent that their movements are restricted to the night time hours, or to areas and Realms that have very little sunlight.  They are not physically harmed by the light, but it does make achieving their goals much more difficult, and the Melsei are extremely lazy as a rule.

In appearance, the Melsei are an unusually beautiful people.  Though their coloration tends toward the darker colors, due to their nocturnal preferences, there are some, who have very fair skin and light hair.  The interesting thing is that the Melsei are not born, rather they are converted.  Most Melsei are born Nelesie, though a few of the more magical mortals may find themselves converted if they are found acceptable by the Melsei Court.

The Melsei are also a magical people, similar to the Nelesie, though their source of power is not found in the environment.  They draw from their ability to manipulate themselves and their targets’ emotions, physical abilities, and mind.

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