The Shaida: The Courts

The Shaida, or Courts, are the next oldest realm to Nazani, and the first to display a polarity in the beings who reside there.  Though most of the Fae can be considered “neutral” when weighed on the scales of “good” and “evil.”  However, even these will pay more homage to one extreme or the other, and so find the Light or Dark Courts more comfortable.

The Melsei Courts

While there are even fewer reports about the Melsei Courts, or Dark Courts, beyond the warning of extreme danger, many have visited the Nelesei Courts, or Light Courts, and returned to tell of the wonders to be found there.  If I run across anyone able, or willing, to talk about the Melsei courts, I shall journal their tale and faithfully report on what they say.  Until then, I will focus on the Nelesei Courts, which we know much about.


The Nelesei Courts

Like Nazani, the Nelesei Courts are a Realm of light.  In this instance, it is a natural light that is given off by everything living within his area of the

Realm.  During the day, it is supplemented with natural sunlight, while at night the moon may add her own light depending on which phase she is in.

The Nelesie fae live in harmony with their Realm, serving as caretakers and protectors.  In return, the Realm freely gives them everything they need – from gentle breezes to remain cool during the heat of summer to the very wood they use to construct their buildings.  Nothing is taken from the land, rather it is given willingly by the land.

Because of the love and care given to the land, along with the location between the mortal realms and the Nazani, for those not used to living among the splendor the most common beauty comparison is between the spectrum of colors and living gems.  Even the most mundane items have a preternatural beauty and grace that beings from the lower realms find themselves envious of.  The only thing the Shaida require that they cannot obtain for themselves are metals – particularly silver and platinum.  All else, the Realm can produce for itself, usually with enough left to trade for some quantity of the metals they require to complete their works of art.


You can find out more about the Nelesei Courts in the 2017 release Raonal Tiornestake: A Companion Novella.

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